Covid-19 Update

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has given dental offices permission to reopen. After much research, lots of training and many changes we are reopening for routine care on June 1st. We are confident we are providing a safe and comfortable environment for your child’s upcoming dental visit.

Utmost patient and staff safety is our top priority. We are following new CDC guidelines for dental care. Our staff recently met for an all day training and recently attended OSHA updates and Infection Control webinars. Some of the changes we are implementing are as follows:

Before the appointment

  • all of our staff will be screened for Covid-19 and have temperatures taken.
  • online forms for you to minimize touching paper
  • health screening reminders via text or email

Scheduling Changes

  • longer time between appointments to allow for social distancing
  • fewer patients in the office on a given day
  • minimizing the number of staff who interact with your child
  • recommending that you minimize other family members accompanying your child (prefer just one parent)

At the appointment

  • calling from your car to let us know you have arrived, instead of waiting in the waiting room
  • parents of older children may stay in their cars if they wish
  • screening questions and temperatures taken (touchless thermometer)
  • face masks and hand sanitizer required upon entry
  • toys and magazines removed from waiting area
  • waiting room rearranged to allow for social distancing
  • sneeze guards installed
  • appropriate use of PPE (procedure specific)
    • face shield, N95 masks, gowns, head coverings
  • staff will be wearing masks at all times during your child’s visit
  • more plastic barriers on surfaces
  • toothbrush demo and fluoride will now be applied at the chair instead of at the sink
  • post appointment discussion by Dr. or staff can occur outside if preferred

Procedures and other measures

  • if an alternative treatment method exists, we will not be using aerosol (fine spray from dental drill)
  • at this time, if an aerosol procedure is taking place, no other patients will be in the treatment area at the same time
  • HVAC system is new and has been rechecked and deemed in excellent working order
  • medical grade portable air filtration systems in use. Click here for details.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you!

Drs. Simon Morris, Mai Dinh and Raj Lotwala