Occasionally a child may be very apprehensive, be very young or have a lot of dental needs. These are indications for sedation of some form. The various levels of sedation that we offer are as follows:

Nitrous Oxide: “laughing gas” is breathed in though a nose mask and relaxes your child; an extremely safe way to treat the slightly apprehensive child or to perform longer procedure

Conscious Sedation:  In this procedure a sedative is given by mouth 30 to 60 minutes before the treatment begins; your child remains awake but is very relaxed, allowing us to get a lot of treatment done on a very apprehensive child.  We generally only perform conscious sedation on children 5 and over.

General anesthesia: your child is completely asleep; an anesthesiologist administers the medication; this is offered in a hospital setting or we make arrangements for an anesthesiologist to come to our office with portable equipment; used on uncooperative or medically compromised children.